An Endless Adventure Across a Player-Made Multiverse

Welcome to BoundWorlds, an action-RPG where your creativity knows no bounds! Immerse yourself in a realm of endless possibilities as you explore a multiverse of worlds, stories, and adventures, each created by players like yourself.

Whether you aim to create a simple level with ready-to-use assets or build a full-blown plot-driven adventure from the ground up, BoundWorlds' powerful and expansive level editor will let you transform your ideas into reality.

NOTE: The Beta is now CLOSED in preparation for the Steam Release. If you would like to be involved in testing, join the Discord (link below)

Current Features

  • Explore a multiverse of player-created content
  • Design and build your own worlds with the intuitive and powerful BoundWorlds level editor
  • Customize everything, from graphics and sounds to NPCs, enemies, and objects
  • Create immersive, story-driven experiences with cutscenes and interactive dialogue
  • Develop custom combat abilities, items, and magic to shape your world's gameplay
  • Use a drag-and-drop interface to script and reprogram the behavior of in-game entities
  • Connect your world to others, allowing players to explore and interact with your creations
  • Export custom objects for other players to use, fostering a thriving community of builders
  • Share your worlds and discover a universe of boundless creativity, all in one action-packed RPG

Active Development

BoundWorlds is still under active development. Planned features include:

  • Party members
  • Character portraits
  • Smarter enemy behavior
  • An API to communicate with external sites (Premium version only)
  • Add monetization options to your world (Premium version only)
  • An option to export your world as a standalone game (Premium version only)

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